Body Hair Transplant to Head is Feasible

A prominent development in the world of hair loss treatment is the development of surgeons offering body hair to head hair transplant. This is also known as BHT – short of a Body Hair Transplant. Yes, this is now possible to treat baldness even with the hair on your body. There are many experienced surgeons now in the world who offer this facility to their eligible clients. In addition, hundreds of medical practitioners are busy experimenting with this technology on a small scale.

Look past the year 2000, and you will not have any trace of this technology. It was nowhere in the existence. Between 1998 and 2000 an Australian doctor [1] named Ray Woods saw hope with this technology in his experiment. He moved body hair to different locations of the scalp in an effort to correct baldness.

It is a hair transplantation surgery that basically works with the practice of follicular unit extraction or FUE, which is also a method of hair transplantation. FUE is referred to as a harvest of a naturally occurring group of hair (one to four strands), termed as follicular units. However, only one unit is extracted at a time from the donor site and then implanted to the balding site, known as the recipient site.

In body hair transplant, any body part may work as a donor source broadening the potential for a severely bald person to get thick hair on the scalp.

The benefits you can count on:

There are remarkable implications of body hair transplant. For decades, many candidates have been turned away by the surgeons citing them as a poor candidate to get the procedure done due to severe baldness. Initially, it seemed impossible to achieve a successful transplant on them due to the lack of enough donor hair on the scalp. Body to head hair transplant is now an open technology to let you have plenty of donor hair for the transplants to get done – even in case of severe baldness. In this procedure, hair can be harvested from the chest, stomach, legs, beard, arms and shoulders.

Major advantages include:

  • The procedure leaves minimal scarring
  • It is less invasive
  • Severely bald patients suffering from androgenetic alopecia or scarring of the scalp due to a major accident or surgery can get help from this technology.
  • No stitches, staples or other sutures are used in this method.
  • The technology offers a quick recovery time as the donor site scars heal usually within seven days.
  • It is best for those who need eyebrow transplantation

Body hair and eyebrow transplantation

This is an extension of body hair transplant that took over another niche called eyebrow transplantation. It is possible because hair follicles can retain their original disposition even if extracted or implanted from their natural site to a new site. Head hair is suitable to treat baldness, but not eyebrow transplantation due to the typical length of the hair. The patient would be required to get regular trimming to maintain the natural length of the eyebrows. Leg hair is ideal for the purpose and gives good result. With the technology of BHT, it is possible to implant chest or leg hair to the eyebrow area.

Not everyone is a good candidate for BHT

Body hair transplant is not for everyone. This is because some may not have enough body hair for the transplant to get done or if it is, then it may not be suitable for the procedure. Simply put, a majority of the candidates can quality for the procedure to some extent. There are other factors as well, which make people a poor candidate for the BHT:

  • Patients with a medical history of abnormalities related to blood clotting are not suitable for the procedure.
  • Those who are allergic to anesthesia have also said no for the procedure.
  • A person with a medical history of scarring tendencies are also poor candidates.
  • People with the pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia and under the age of 24 are not suggested to go for the procedure. This is for a simple reason, because the progression of the baldness is typically not complete by this age. And, any surgery in this case would lead to any unnatural looking hair growth pattern. This would also require the person to go for another surgery later on.
  • Those with extremely curly and kinked hair are typically not suggested this procedure. In them, there is the potential increased rate of transactions during extraction.

A few things to consider before getting a body hair transplant:

Problems may arise with the procedure. Medical nuisances may be there that include problems due to unexpected physiological complications like blood clotting problems or allergy to anesthesia. However, there are some other factors too, which practitioners say to be aware of:

  • This is a highly advanced nature of the transplant, and hence more laborious and longer practice. Also, it requires an advanced level of skills. Non-head hair has aggressively varying levels of angles which make their extraction and transplantation a lot more complicated.
  • Body hair has a different caliber than head hair, which may make for an inferior transplant outcome in terms of blendability with hair in other regions of the scalp. Also, the growth potential of body hair is different from that of scalp hair.

Other things that should be in your consideration include:

  • You may get a different hair color – because body hair is slightly different from your head hair. If you are getting transplanted with the body hair follicles having different color tones, then it will not acquire the tint of new locations, rather grow in the native color. However, it may become even over time. Hair color may work well after some time, if color is the issue.
  • Hair length may be an issue as it will grow with the length of donor site, which may not be acceptable to many.
  • Texture of hair will not be changed – body hair will feel like body hair only.
  • Grafting enough hair to get a more natural look may call for multiple treatments, which may be difficult for many.

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